GAZİANTEP AUTO SHOW 2013 Automobiles and Commercial Vehicles Fair organized by AKORT Fuarcılık with the cooperation of ODD Automotive Distributors Association and YODER Authorized Automotive Sellers Association and Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, shall be organized at Gaziantep Middle East Fair Center.

As Akort Fuarcılık we realized our first fair, AUTOMOBILES AND COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Fair, against all odds in 1997 together with the Chairman of YODER and the members of the association in a tent on an area of 2500m2. However, our participants realized unbelievable sales. Because it was a first.

Afterwards, it doubled each year and almost reached 15 thousand square meters. Rally shows were organized for the first time in Gaziantep, AKUT made a show for the first time, and promotions were made with aircrafts.

In this fair, the giant brands of the automobile world shall present their newest models and latest technologies to the car-lovers' taste in their stands which are designed specially. It shall have a very wide product range and the vehicles addressing each and every budget shall be exhibited. In addition to the current campaigns, the advantages to be presented specifically for the fair shall be an opportunity for the car lovers. The visitors shall have the chance to see many different brands and models simultaneously and shall have the chance to make comparisons. Test drive experience available for some vehicles shall also facilitate the decision-making process of the customers. Light commercial and heavy vehicles addressing the companies and institutes and facilitating the commercial life shall also be exhibited in the fair.

Within the frame of this fair, which is very important for the development of the automotive sector, which is one of the most important industrial branches in Turkish economy, and for providing a new acceleration in the international trade, as well as for the added value provided, our participant companies shall organize various shows and activities at their elegant stands.

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