It is aimed by "GAİF Human Resources and Employment Fair" to bring together the employment suppliers and employment demanders, public institutions, local administrations, universities, professional training institutions, industrialist and operators, other employment - human resources institutions and to provide lasting and corporate cooperation between the parties with regards to professional training, employment and human resources.


The Fair is realized with the cooperation of İŞKUR Gaziantep Provincial Directorate and brought together many employers and jobseekers.

In the Fair;

• By raising awareness with regards to the professions which the employers need and have difficulties supplying in the developing industry of Gaziantep; to meet the workforce needs in the short, medium and long term, 

• With the fair announcements and booklets, to help the companies to be introduced to our region and at the national level and to provide the cohesion of the companies in the region and to increase the dialogue between the companies, 

• As a result of the meeting of the human resources managers, to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of our city, region, even our country, upon reinforcement of the communication and sharing,

• In this organization, to transfer to our young generation, the information relevant to the workforce market, to prepare them for work life, to provide information related to the business places in which they can work, to improve their job seeking skills and to guide them, to provide information about employment opportunities following the internship, volunteer work, entrepreneurship and graduation and to support in career planning, 

• In the direct communication of the jobseekers with the representatives of the companies participating in the fair; to provide the transfer of the information about the productions of the companies, personnel policies, sectoral and business market information, work and internship relations, works performed by the related members of the career and their work experiences, the realities of the work conditions, important points for the companies in preference of the personnel, the organizational structure of the companies, 

• To help our high school students to know the careers and make decisions and to provide the development of professional visions of our university students about the future, 

• To facilitate the participation of those people who are disabled, in the workforce market, to offer informative, awareness, orientation and consulting services for those people who are disables so that they can benefit from the opportunities and be employed as other individuals,

• To encourage efficiently, the employment of women, also to provide their employment.

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